Affiliate of Caso Patrimoine

GreenCity is a real estate company specialized in the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of real estate located in the best streets of the city of Barcelona.

Our company specializes in the purchase of buildings and plots and we rehabilitate or build them to offer charming, quality and functional houses, thus responding to the needs of people looking for a special home that combines original elements with a current design and the quality of the latest materials.

GreenCity is an innovative company in its business model. Our ability to select strategic assets (residential or office buildings) and to develop a rehabilitation process, defined and planned for each property according to the market demand, are key elements in the company's activity.

Caso Patrimoine

CasO Patrimoine is the patrimonial company of the Monné Family, the sisters Caroline and Sophie run the company that has more than 30,000m2 of offices, more than 300 homes and more than 300 commercial premises, most of them located in the Toulouse region although they are currently investing in Paris and Barcelona where they already have several buildings.

Since 2012 he is a majority partner of GREEN CITY IMMOBILIER, a national promoter specializing in residential development, offices and businesses that currently builds about 2,000 homes per year.

In 2015 they decided to partner with Antonio Illa and start the expansion outside France where REAL ESTATE GREENCITY COMPANY was born, a promoter company specializing in residential development in Barcelona.

Caso Patrimoine