We buy and manage buildings and urban land in Barcelona

We buy properties with or without alkylinos

We buy and manage buildings and urban land in Barcelona

GreenCity offers a professional team of first level, experienced in the purchase of real estate, with the capacity and means necessary to carry out the acquisition in an efficient and transparent way, no matter the size or complexity of the operation.

We have a great deal of experience in acquiring properties for private owners and family groups. Our flexibility allows us to give a fast, serious and confidential response to the most complex situations, formalizing agreements that are a tailor made solution for each operation.

We carry out the acquisition of large real estate for companies and institutions. Our extensive experience allows us to fully understand the importance of confidentiality and transparency.

From its beginnings, GreenCity has bet and continues betting on the work in collaboration with intermediaries, consultants and real estate agents for the acquisition of real estate. The deep market knowledge of these professionals is of the utmost importance.